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things 4
summer 1996
One day, perhaps, we'll put this entire issue online. Watch this space
Mia Hatgis
Beneath a flowering tree: 
An 18th-century Indian petticoat piece
Sarah Foster
Going shopping in 18th-century Dublin
Kristina Huneault
With shield and sword 
Working women in trade-union imagery
Esther Leslie
The exotic of the everyday 
Critical theory in the parlour

other things
Stephen Escritt
The name's Goldfinger, Ernö Goldfinger
Goldfinger House, London
Clive Wainwright
Unloved and unlovely
De Lelijke Tijd: Pronkstukken van Nederlandse interieurkunst 1835-1895
(The age of ugliness: showpieces of Dutch decorative art 1835-1895)
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
22 November 1995 - 31 March 1996
Jaan Kaplinski
Translated from the Estonian by Hildi Hawkins
Hannah Andrassy
Read the book, then wear the clothes
Sinclair-Stevenson, London
Clive Hilton
Driller thriller
The British Dental Association Museum
Rosa Liksom
Following fashion in Moscow.
Translated from the Finnish by Hildi Hawkins
Russell Flinchum
Piggy in the middle
Craft in the Machine Age 1920 -1945
American Craft Museum, New York
Alistair O'Neill
Concealing transparency
Jil Sander Catalogue Spring/Summer 1995
Tama Janowitz
Extract from Slaves of New York
Katherine Sharp
For what we are about to receive
Susannah Constantine and Pia Marocco
Just What I've Always Wanted
The Secret Formula for Choosing the Perfect Gift
Quadrille, London
Stephen Kent
Spirits of the past
Dennis Severs's house
Spitalfields, London
Victoria Kelley
Naming names
Designs of the Times: One Hundred Years of the Royal College of Art
Royal College of Art Galleries, London
7 February - 20 March 1996
Stephen Escritt
Revival of the fittest
Raphael Samuel
Theatres of Memory
Verso, London
Phaidon, London
Francesca Vanke
Easy on the eye
Relentless Perfection  At Home with Lord Leighton
Leighton House Museum
Holland Park, London
16 February - 21 April 1996
Frederic Leighton: 1830-1896
Royal Academy of Arts
Piccadilly, London
15 February - 21 April 1996
Leighton House at Liberty
Liberty, Regent Street, London
21 March - 20 April 1996
Charles Saumarez Smith
Ordering things
Susan Pearce
On Collecting

An Investigation into Collecting in the European Tradition
Routledge, London and New York
Ann Kelly
Scents and sensibility
A Day at the Wells
The Corn Exchange
Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Grace Lees
Coming round again
Recycling: Forms for the Next Century
Crafts Council Gallery, London
22 February - 21 April 1996
Thora Veblen
Dream shopping
Lost in the supermarket
Thomas Kleibrink
Just one careful owner
Guns and jewellery in Berlin
Gareth Williams & Eleanor John
Auctions of modern design
Hildi Hawkins
Superfluous things
Sovjet Design  Rosa Liksomin kotimuseo 
(Soviet design  Rosa Liksom's home museum)
Lenin Museum
Tampere, Finland
5 January - 15 September 1996
Dipti Bhagat
The Hottentot Venus
The strange fate of Saartjie Bartman
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