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things 3
winter 1995-96
Jacqueline Durran
Dandies and servants of the Crown
Sailors' uniforms in the early 19th century
Amin Jaffer
How shall we get beds?
Furniture in early colonial India 1750 -1830
Lisa Hirst
Taking the silk
Rayon stockings and the democratic spirit
Erica Carter
The aesthetics of rationality
Braun in 1950s West Germany
Steve Baker
Thinking things differently

other things
Mia Hatgis
Selling God
The Christian Publications Bookstore
215 West 43rd Street, New York
Lisa Hirst
Written on their faces
David Edgar
RSC/Allied Domecq Young Vic Repertoire
31 May - 5 October 1995
Italo Calvino
Extract from If on a Winter's Night a Traveller
Stephen Escritt
Building blocks
Miles Glendinning & Stefan Muthesius
Yale University Press, London and New Haven
Hildi Hawkins
The Krylos Villa
Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France
Mrs Sheila Nash
Cold comfort
Memories 1: a wedding
Stephen Escritt
The history man
John M. MacKenzie
Orientalism: History, Theory and the Arts
Manchester University Press
Francesca Vanke
East and west
Works by Khaled Ben Slimane
Leighton House, London
27 June - 8 July 1995
Mr Wilfred Hill
1946: a new start
Memories 2: a new business
Clive Hilton
The end of Tobacco Road
The Blend Collection: an Exhibition which Examines the Ashtray
Design Museum, London
18 May - 18 June 1995
Gareth Williams
A style without rules
The Third World Congress of Art Deco
Brighton and London
17 July 1995
Grace Lees
The case for carnography
The London Motor Show 1995
19-29 October 1995
Thomas Sheridon
Inventory poem 1
Liz Boggis
Think pink
Penny Sparke
Pandora, London
Russell Flinchum
It's for you-oo!
The AT&T Model 500 telephone
Hannah Andrassy
The lad
Paul Smith: True Brit
Design Museum, London
5 October 1995 - 10 April 1996
Inventory poem 2
The girl who killed her baby
Mari folk poem translated by Keith Bosley
Katherine Sharp
Catholic tastes
Fairfax House
Alice Twemlow
Airborne graphics
Club flyers
Victoria Kelley
Past and present
Shopping in the new Moscow
Jean Macintyre
Wash-day blues
The rotary clothes dryer in south London
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