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Just do it
Mythical breasts
Country living
Landscape marble
and much more...
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things 11
winter 1999-2000

Editorial, Being and Nothingness

Hildi Hawkins, The Betts tun
A mathematician's essay in historical rigour

Harri Kalha, Re-membering Monroe
The anatomy of an auction

Erkki Kurenniemi, Supermegatechnologies
Some thoughts on the future

other things

Sarah Foster, Curly-wurly
Timothy Mowl and Brian Earnshaw, An Insular Rococo: Architecture, Politics and Society, 1710-1770
Reaktion Books, London, 1999

Kathleen Jamie, Things which never shall be

Tracey Potts, All that glitters...
Celeste Olalquiaga, The Artificial Kingdom: A Treasury of the Kitsch Experience
Pantheon Books, USA, 1998
Wayne Hemingway, Twentieth-Century Icons: Kitsch
Absolute Press, London, 1999

Bronwen Edwards, Westwood ho
Vivienne Westwood: An Unfashionable Life

Hannah Andrassy, Just do it
Joseph Beuys Editions: Schlegel Collection
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh
Joseph Beuys: Multiples
Barbican Centre, London

Jonathan Key, Sic transit
You see them here, you see them there,
you see those unmarked white vans everywhere

Liz Bailey, Mythical breasts
Xena, Warrior Princess: dyke dream date and feminist icon

Jane Stevenson, Country living
The strange world of the English arcadia

Bettina Schürkamp, Reinventing democracy:
Returning to history at the Berlin Reichstag

Kate McIntyre, Me and my iBook
On Macs, life and more

Peter Davidson, Stone pictures
Landscape marble

Ezra Pound, The bath tub

Jonathan Bell, Web of intrigue
Enter the internet

Colette Forder, Nailed
The search for perfect talons

Hildi Hawkins, Getting a life
The Museum as Muse: Artists Reflect
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Christopher Madden, My uncle's dimples
Facial qualities

Luke Dodd, Dig Dig Dig
Mark Dion: Tate Thames Dig

Monika Parrinder, Move on
Getting on track with Prada sportswear

Kate MacIntyre, View from the edge
Only Human
Crafts Council Gallery, London

Paavo Haavikko, Right. Here

Stephen Escritt, Of ceiling wax and kings
A Grand Design
Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Sei Shonagon, Elegant Things

Rosemary Hill, Clive Wainwright 1941­1999
A personal recollection

Dai Vaughan, Bluebeard
A short story

There was also a lovely free gift with this issue,
impossible to duplicate in the virtual realm

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